Sleeping Beauty’s Spindle

The tenth instalment in this treacherous series of tales follows the horrifying lives of 11 year old twins, Albert and Florence Leadington, who have been forced to embark on an extraordinarily epic journey to complete twelve deadly quests in order to be remove a curse from their family. With a dreadfully dark magic at play the children find themselves transported to a creepy museum that comes alive and seems intent on killing them, and worse still they must enter a sleeping castle where they find themselves caught in a web of deceit and a spooky surprise disrupts their plans to get their hands on 'Sleeping Beauty’s Spindle', however a mysterious bottled message seems to hold the answer.

"I ain't right refined eloquent when it comes to words an' the like so I'll get straight to the point - if you like 'air raisin' adventures involvin' gunpowder plots, spooky museums comin' to life an' cursed castles then flip the page an' 'ave a gander if yer want to find out wot 'appens next to young Albert and Florrie - certainly the poor little nippers 'ave 'ad more than their fair share of doom an' danger an' I should know as I've seen it all with me own bloomin' eyes!"
Ebenezer Smythe (Smuggler & merchant of marvels)

" I have no doubt those sweet little Leadington twins will succeed in their ambitious endeavours though their journey has been quite terrifying and stressful by all accounts. I can only hope that my famous homemade sticky toffee chocolate cake has offered them a little comfort in their hours of need."
Madame Bon Bon (Sweet Maker and Cake Baker Extraordinaire)
‘I might be dead but don’t think that can stop me from wreaking havoc on the living. With the amount of murders I have got away with, I have no qualms in aiding and abetting the ones I was forced to leave behind - indeed to be brought back from the grave to create mischief, mayhem and pure evil is my favourite pastime, but you will have to read on if you want to know what I have been up to...’
 Maugrauldon (Evil Spirit)
ISBN: 978-1849234665 Download Sample Chapter (PDF Format)

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